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Verify connectivity to a given Ceph cluster via specified cephx user/pass. This is useful for example, if you want to verify you have proper access setup before you ever even try something like: virsh attach-device $uid $xmlfile Or if you simply wish to verify the hypervisor parent can connect to the given cluster before you try booting a virtual machine off a RBD volume on that cluster.


Clone the repo:

cd /usr/local/src/
git clone https://github.com/sgsullivan/rados-connect.git
cd rados-connect
Now that we have the source we can build it. You do need to have rbd/rados libaries installed on your system for the compile to succeed (eg; gcc -lrbd -lrados). Obviously, you also need a C compiler. Once you have these things, you can just run make:


To remove, go back into the directory you ran make from originally. Then:<\p>

make uninstall


First, here's the usage help:

USAGE: ./rados_connect [OPTIONS]

NOTE: All switches below are _required_ unless stated optional.
       -m -- MONS                      (ex: -m10.30.177.4:6789,,
       -u -- CEPHX_USER                (ex: -umycephxuser)
       -p -- CEPH_POOL                 (ex: -ppool0)
       -k -- CEPHX_KEY [optional]      (ex: -kAQDJ+gtScGVSBRAA0QenPqsxWaml1jr9C1647w==)
       -l -- LIBVIR_UUID [optional]    (ex: -l04a8f230-1bd0-4536-a101-3bbd6253ce5c)

*** Options -l and -k are optional, however at least one _must_ be defined.  
To check cluster connectivity via cephx user and cephx key:

rados_connect -m${monip}:${monport},${monip}:${monport},${monip}:${monport} -u${cephxuser} -p${pool} -k${cephxkey}
If the supplied information is good, you will see something like this for output:

Verifying cluster connectivity and permissions via given cephx key...
        GOOD: Able to get pool ID. Pool [pool0] ID is [5]
        GOOD: Able to write [rados_connect test object] to object [9f32300b-6fc0-4f12-8266-a562afef0fc7] on pool [pool0]
        GOOD: Able to read object [9f32300b-6fc0-4f12-8266-a562afef0fc7]. Contents: [rados_connect test object]
        GOOD: Able to remove object [9f32300b-6fc0-4f12-8266-a562afef0fc7].
No errors were encountered!
If there was an error, you will see something like this (and non-zero exit):

Verifying cluster connectivity and permissions via given cephx key...
        BAD: Cannot connect to cluster: [Operation not permitted]
FATAL: Authentication error or insufficient permissions.
To check cluster connectivity via cephx user and libvirt secret:

rados_connect -m${monip}:${monport},${monip}:${monport},${monip}:${monport} -u${cephxuser} -p${pool} -l${libvirt_secret}
On success or failure, output will be like above. As always, on error, the exit code is non-zero.

Feature Requests/Bug Reports

Please send feature requests and bug reports to scottgregorysullivan at gmail.com. Or, open an issue on GitHub.